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Shellfish & Healthy Eating

As well as being tasty, shellfish are great for health. Consumed regularly as part of a healthy balanced diet, shellfish provide us not only with protein, vitamins and minerals but they are also low in fat and a fabulous source of the Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

Different shellfish have different health benefits so, to make the most of these, we should vary the types we eat. With over 20 species available around our shores, there is plenty to choose from.

We have produced 'Reports & Factsheets' on the health benefits of shellfish. A must-read for anyone wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The SAGB has produced a traffic light system using the red, amber, green showing the amounts of fat, saturated fat, sugars, salt and calories for 10 some of the most commonly consumed UK shellfish species.

Shellfish is also the ultimate 'Fast Food'. They are best cooked simply and quickly and our 'How To...' videos will provide you with advice and innovative ideas on how best to prepare and enjoy a tasty and nutritious shellfish meal.

So develop yourself an appetite for health, think shellfish!