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The SAGB is the voice of UK shellfisheries. But it’s not just Catchers & Growers who benefit from the specialist information, expertise and support we offer.

SAGB academic membership is an individual membership available for education and research professionals working to advance the field and shape the future of shellfish and shellfisheries.

As an academic member, you are an important link between the research community and the industry. The SAGB can assist you by providing access to members of the industry (including catchers, growers, hatcheries and the supply chain), identifying industry partners for grant proposals, offering Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) opportunities and identification of industry ‘issues’ for project work.

All of which should assist you in demonstrating the wider impact arising from your research – a key feature of the new Research Excellence Framework (REF) set to replace the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) in 2014. Furthermore you will receive invitations to SAGB Committee meetings and our Annual Conference for the dissemination of your results direct to industry regulators, Government advisers and policy makers. Academic members can be secure in the knowledge that they are contributing to the security and the sustainability of the shellfish sector.

Academic membership costs £100+VAT per year with a reduced student membership for NUS card holders at £25+VAT

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But don't take our word for it - listen to what our existing members think of the SAGB.

Member Testimonials

“I find it is essential as a scientist to engage with industry particularly during the current problems facing the shellfish industry ranging from sewage contamination to disease, climate change (such as increased temperature) and mortality. Through discussions with industry and the determination of the problems, often blue skies research is required to begin to understand the impacting factors that lead to economic loss. It is through a collaborative approach that projects can be put forward that directly answer industrial questions as well as satisfying the need in academia for impact related research. I have also found, through my interactions with both the mollusc committee and also the technology and training committee that a lot of ‘science’ has not been fed back into helping the shellfish industry particularly in terms that are applicable to different problems. It is through the scientific understanding of the methods and techniques and what is required by industry that common ground can be achieved. I have also used the excellent facilities of the SAGB to widely disseminate information about certain projects that maybe of interest to the industry in general.”

Dr Shelagh Mahlam
School of Ocean Sciences Bangor University

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