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Shellfish contribute nearly 50% of the total value of seafood harvested and landed by UK vessels into the UK. Cultivated shellfish contribute an additional £38 million, from over 30,000 tonnes. Despite this, our industry is often overlooked in discussions and decisions that can have huge impact.

The SAGB represents the views of those working in shellfisheries, both wild-caught and cultivated, in debates with the Government, other users of the sea and environmental organisations. We are striving to ensure a more viable and sustainable future for UK shellfish operations. With the increasing legislation and financial constraints facing the industry, our role is more vital than ever.

We represent over 90% of cultivation businesses in the UK and over 300 individual vessel members – we are the voice of UK shellfisheries.

If you're a catcher or grower who is looking for support and advice and wants a voice then become a catcher & grower member of the most effective shellfish organisation in the UK. Alongside our comprehensive information & advice and lobbying activities, you will have access to some exclusive membership benefits which have been negotiated solely for you and your business such as the SAGB insurance scheme – offering substantial discounts on all business insurances.

Individual Catcher & Grower Membership costs £250+VAT a year. For an Individual Business Catcher and Grower membership form please click here.

An individual member who is under 26 on the subscription/renewal date will pay a reduced subscription of £25+VAT a year.

We also offer associate catcher & grower membership for any association or body representing or comprising multiple individuals and/or businesses involved in the harvesting of shellfish from the wild or engaged in any form of shellfish aquaculture for £500+VAT a year. For an Associated Body membership form please click here.

But don't take our word for it - listen to what our existing members think of the SAGB.

Member Testimonials

"Regretably we live in an increasingly bureaucratic world where individuals and small businesses can feel powerless against a rising tide of rules and regulations. The SAGB has a vital role representing the shellfish industry in all its forms. We have found their services invaluable helping us on occasions, they know who to contact and their voice carries weight representing the whole industry. My advice to prospective members contemplating joining is to think of it as insurance – you never know when you might need it!"

Mark Dravers
Guernsey Sea Farms

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