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The SAGB is the voice of UK shellfisheries. But it’s not just Catchers & Growers who benefit from the specialist information, expertise and support we offer.

We will work with our Restaurateur members to provide advice and support to help you navigate the spectrum of shellfish issues, including sustainability and storage/handling tips, access to “how to” events and promotion of your restaurant on our online “Good Shellfish Guide”.

Furthermore as a Restaurateur member, you will have access to a database and advice on sustainable fisheries and farms that supply the food industry, be entitled to use the SAGB logo on your menus and promotional materials, receive assistance with developing promotional material and get access to SAGB’s own literature.

You will also receive advice on legislation that affects the shellfish industry and have input to lobby the regulators and Government on matters that affect you. Have an input into the products you want to see readily available for your business.

You will receive a Membership Certificate for display at your business which demonstrates your support for environmentally responsible shellfisheries.

Access to our substantially discounted business insurance scheme guaranteeing a minimum discount of 10% on existing policies could well cover your subscription.

Restaurateur membership only costs £90+VAT per year (£45+VAT for second and subsequent establishments.)

A public listed company will pay twice the standard subscription.

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But don't take our word for it - listen to what our existing members think of the SAGB.

Member Testimonials

“With the massive growth of shellfish production in the UK and the every growing popularity of shellfish in the UK restaurant sector, the SAGB are playing a key role in the promotion of the health benefits of shellfish and also popularising the wide and distinct variation in the tastes and flavours of all the shellfish grown in and around our shores. The tasting materials for oysters and crustacea have been a huge success with the customers eating in our restaurants.”

Robin Hancock
Wright Brothers

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