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Shellfish Industry Development Strategy – SIDS

Between 2007 & 2010 the SAGB facilitated a Seafish-funded industry-led initiative: the Shellfish Industry Development Strategy project (SIDS). This project aimed to sustainably develop the UK wild-caught and cultivated shellfish sector.

Based on the findings of a Defra and Seafish commissioned report reviewing the shellfish industry entitled “Towards a National Development Strategy for Shellfish in England” a three-year plan for the way forward was developed. The strategy document that ensued, the English Shellfish Industry Development Strategy contains many recommendations and forms the basis of the SIDS project.

To assist in integrating with both short and long-term government strategies for shellfish, and for effective project management, SIDS operates in three work areas:

  • Giving managers the ability to manage appropriately
  • Raising the profile of UK shellfish
  • Security of tenure

SIDS delivered on the strategy through projects and activities within each of these workstreams.